About 4-5 years ago I was active on Pinterest for a short period of time, but never made sense of this platform.

But I have decided I need to learn this tool because it is becoming a very very potent tool for driving traffic to your blog and affiliate offers.

If you, like me are new to Pinterest as a marketing tool you will learn the basics in this post.

How To Get Started On PinterestHow To Get Started On Pinterest – A Guide

Step 1 – So, the first thin you need to do is to get an account and create a profile. This works just linke any other social media platform.

One think you should think about though, is what niche are you targeting and then use keywords from that niche in the description of your profile.


Well, Pinterest works very much like a search engine just like Google. And if you want to be seen. Get “ranked” you need to use keywords fthat people are searching for in your nich so they get to see your related pins.

Also you should link your blog to your profile as you will need that for step 2.

Step 2 – Activate rich pins

Rich pins add extra details to Pins from your website, so when you pin a blog post, Pinterest will go and grab images, meta description etc from your blog and use it in the pin on pinterest. Again this helps with getting your pins found and ther will also be a link back to your blogpost so you will drive traffic to your blog if people click the pin.

Here is how to do it:

#1: Add Yoast SEO Plugin to your blog

Activate it. Then go to the Social tab in its settings, then to the Facebook tab. Check Add Open Graph meta data at the top.

#2: Validate Your Rich Pins

Just click this link, enter a URL from your site, and check that the Rich Pin preview is what you expected.

#3: Apply

Click Apply Now, and wait to hear from Pinterest.

Step 3 – Create 15-20 niche related boards

Boards are groups of related pins. You should break down your main niche into smaller groups and create a board for each so you can group your pins. Ex. if your nice is dieting, you could have a board for fasting, a board for Atkins diet, the OMAD diet etc.

Put at least 10 pins in each board, to make your boards look full of good stuff. It does not have to be your own stuff, you can just repin other pins from pinterest. Just make sure they relate to the board.

And make sure the first board is you own blog board, where you pin posts from your blog. You can drag and drop the boards to make sure you own blog board comes first.

Extra Tip: Create a nice graphic with the title of the board and use it as the related board cover. Also make sure to use keywords in the board descriptions to help people find your boards.

Step 4 – Create stunning eyecatching graphics for your blog to use as pins

Creating good looking graphics is not as hard as it might seem. You can use a free service like canva.com or pay a designer on fiverr.com to do them for you.

Then start to pin som blogpost and use your awsome graphic as eyecandy.

Expert Tip: Try to find a graphic style and stick to it. It just looks more pro. Look around on Pinterest to see what others are doing.

Step 5 – Join niche group boards

Niche group boards are boards where more than one person collaborate to pin interesting niche related stuff. These group boards often have a huge following and people are repinning eachothers pins inside the group at that way you get a lot of exposure and lots more traffic.

But you should try and get at least 50-100 followers on jour pinterest profile before applying to be a collaborator on the group boards or you might not get accepted.

You can use PinGroupie to find related group bords. On each board ther will be a description on how to apply for collaboration status.

Another great way is to use the online Tailwind tool. Tailwind wil help you schedule posts, keep track of your stats and even help you find niche tribes that help eachother grow there pinterest reach. They even have a free trial so you can test and see if this is a tool for you.

I have to admit all of this is still rather new to me. I only have 80 followers on Pinterest on this day. I have applied to a few groupboards and hope to get accepted. I am testing the Tailwind tool and I really like it. I have about 10 boards with 10-20 pins in each in the online marketing niche. I am learning and I share what I learn.

I hope you have learned something from this post and I hope to see you on Pinterest or on this blog. Please share your feedback on how this blog post has helped you.

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By Marlene

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