Today I’m going to tell you a story of how I wasted a ton of time seeking help in the wrong places.

I really hope you pay attention, because this story can save you years of trial and error going down the wrong rabbit holes. And I don’t want that to happen to you.

I’m just gonna go straight to the point:

Whatever you do, don’t go seeking advice on online message

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boards and forums!

Because that’s where all the loudmouths who talk the talk but won’t walk the walk go.
When I first started to learn about how to make money online, some of the first advice I was told, was to search for forums in my nich to see what people wanted help with and then try and help them so people would see me as an “expert” and then to go to the marketing forums and seek the help I needed with my business building.
It didn’t seem like bad advice at the time…
I know a lot of marketing gurus out there tell you to go seek out forums. And granted, there are alot of people there who want to help you.

They’re usually very fast to answer, but they don’t realy know what they’re talking about.

Most of the time they have no idea how to solve your problem…

They never even experienced the problem for themselves – let alone helped
someone else fix theirs.

And those who did (or most likely do) experience such problem, are still suffering.

Yet, they’ll never miss a chance to educate you about what to do.

Don’t belive me?

What do you think happens when gurus tell newbies (like I was) to go to the forums and help people, so they can drive traffic to their blog or to get subscribers to their list. All of the forums is crawling with newbies wanting to help. But none of them see the whole picture (I certainly didn’t) – because they are newbies…
Well, they might help you fix a simple problem like how to get an autoresponder or how to find a theme for your blog. But don’t expect them to help you actually build your business and make money.

Anyway, my point:

Get advice from experts who had the same problems you face, fixed them and live life helping others fix theirs.

Now if you can’t go to the forums to get help, where do you go?

Well that is easy!
If you are stuck right now trying to make this online business thing work for you, just leave a comment with your questions.
If it is a simple how to question, I might just send you to a youtube og blog post explaining what to do.
If it is a more complicated strategic issue, I will try and write an answer directly to you. Or maybe, I’ll write and say, hey we need to Skype 😉
I look very much forward to helping you get unstuck, so you can finally start to make some real income from this online world.

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    • Joan Jablonski

      That is one terrific blog post. Lots of useful and authenticated information. I certainly feel I could trust you. Thank You.

      • Marlene

        Hi Joan, thank you for your kind comment. I very much appriciate your feedback. To your success, Marlene

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