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This blog has been in my possession since 2008 I belive. It has been rebranded a couple of times over the years and now I am starting over again…

From my experience with starting a blog over, or just starting a blog for the first time…
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Most people believe that achieving top spots in Google means having an excellent chance to make money on line and obtain one more income source. This is true. But the advantages of getting high rankings in Google don’t only amount to income. There are lots of other benefits that you ought to consider when it comes to your goal of having a high google search engine results positioning. Listed here are 4 major benefits you need to know.

Passive Traffic

A higher ranking in Google means passive traffic meaning traffic coming to your site without you doing anything. The initial efforts and work you’ve placed in your site are actually going to come back. The traffic will come every day on autopilot and remain stable for a long time. For this reason, this sort of web traffic is really essential for an online business.

If you’re ranking 8, 9, or 10 on Googles firstpage for your chosen keyword, then you might actually boost your web traffic for a keyword by 1400% ranking number one. Even moving from #8 to # 3 can tripple your web traffic.

Auto-Pilot Income

Because of passive traffic, you could have an online business running on auto- pilot 24/7 meaning it may generate revenue automatically without you doing anything. The very best part is, you may be eating, sleeping, having a good time, on holidays somewhere, spending additional time with family and friends while your company continues to be working and generating income for you non-stop.


Having high rankings in Google provides you with the golden chance of success. Top ranking gives you a lot of targeted visitors which lead to more profitable sites. Consequently, you are able to consider becoming self-employed and focus on your web business full-time. Becoming self-employed in an internet business enables you to have significantly more freedom.  You don’t have to work eight to ten extended hours, as with a regular job.

Financial Prosperity

When you’ve got a successful blog ranking well in Google, you will not only have more time abundance but also financial freedom.


Just make sure to monetize your blog by having links to affiliate products, your own products og simply just Amazon or Google Ads. When people find your blog content in Google and go visit your site, they will see the ads and click on them and go buy stuff that you get a commision from or get compensated just for people clicking the ad, depending on what type of ads you have on your blog.

So, the marketing lesson for today is: If you don’t know how to rank well in Google, go learn it right away.


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